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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
BinaryBuffer.cpp [code]
BinaryBuffer.h [code]
Bitmap.cpp [code]
Bitmap.h [code]
Bitmap_Linux.cpp [code]
Bitmap_Win32.cpp [code]
BitmapUpdate.cpp [code]
BitmapUpdate.h [code]
clversion.h [code]
CogMapObjects.cpp [code]
CogMapObjects.h [code]
Collection.cpp [code]
Collection.h [code]
CollectionBase.cpp [code]
CollectionBase.h [code]
Collections.h [code]
Color.cpp [code]
Color.h [code]
Color_Linux.cpp [code]
Color_Win32.cpp [code]
CommunicationRecorder.cpp [code]
CommunicationRecorder.h [code]
copyrt.h [code]
CoreMain.cpp [code]
CoreTest.cpp [code]
CoreTest.h [code]
CVML.cpp [code]
CVML.h [code]
DataSample.cpp [code]
DataSample.h [code]
Debug.h [code]
Dictionary.cpp [code]
Dictionary.h [code]
direntwin.cpp [code]
direntwin.h [code]
dlfcn_darwin.h [code]
dll.h [code]
DotString.cpp [code]
DotString.h [code]
DynamicLoader.cpp [code]
DynamicLoader.h [code]
FeatureVector.cpp [code]
FeatureVector.h [code]
FeatureVectorList.cpp [code]
FeatureVectorList.h [code]
global.h [code]
Group.cpp [code]
Group.h [code]
GroupDatabase.cpp [code]
GroupDatabase.h [code]
GroupList.cpp [code]
GroupList.h [code]
HTML.cpp [code]
HTML.h [code]
ImageFeatures.cpp [code]
ImageFeatures.h [code]
ImageSpaces.cpp [code]
ImageSpaces.h [code]
InfoItem.cpp [code]
InfoItem.h [code]
IPExport.h [code]
IPHlpApi.h [code]
Iprtrmib.h [code]
IPTypes.h [code]
JFile.cpp [code]
JFile.h [code]
JSemaphore.cpp [code]
JSemaphore.h [code]
JSemaphore_Linux.cpp [code]
JSemaphore_Win32.cpp [code]
JSocket.cpp [code]
JSocket.h [code]
JSocket_Linux.cpp [code]
JSocket_Win32.cpp [code]
JString.cpp [code]
JString.h [code]
JThread.cpp [code]
JThread.h [code]
JThread_Linux.cpp [code]
JThread_Win32.cpp [code]
JThread_WinCE.cpp [code]
JTime.cpp [code]
JTime.h [code]
MathClasses.cpp [code]
MathClasses.h [code]
md5.h [code]
md5c.cpp [code]
MediaConnection.cpp [code]
MediaConnection.h [code]
MediaServer.cpp [code]
MediaServer.h [code]
MediaStream.cpp [code]
MediaStream.h [code]
Message.cpp [code]
Message.h [code]
Messenger.cpp [code]
Messenger.h [code]
Mprapi.h [code]
NetHTTPProtocol.cpp [code]
NetHTTPProtocol.h [code]
NetMessageProtocol.cpp [code]
NetMessageProtocol.h [code]
NetOriginalMessageProtocol.cpp [code]
NetOriginalMessageProtocol.h [code]
NetProtocol.cpp [code]
NetProtocol.h [code]
NetTelnetProtocol.cpp [code]
NetTelnetProtocol.h [code]
Network.cpp [code]
Network.h [code]
NetworkConnection.cpp [code]
NetworkConnection.h [code]
newres.h [code]
Object.cpp [code]
Object.h [code]
ObjectCollection.cpp [code]
ObjectCollection.h [code]
ObjectDictionary.cpp [code]
ObjectDictionary.h [code]
ObjectQueue.cpp [code]
ObjectQueue.h [code]
ObjectRequestQueue.cpp [code]
ObjectRequestQueue.h [code]
ObjectTable.cpp [code]
ObjectTable.h [code]
ObjectTrack.cpp [code]
ObjectTrack.h [code]
OSCommand.cpp [code]
OSCommand.h [code]
OutputText.cpp [code]
OutputText.h [code]
OutputText_Linux.cpp [code]
OutputText_Win32.cpp [code]
Parameter.cpp [code]
Parameter.h [code]
PathWay.cpp [code]
PathWay.h [code]
PocketCoreLibraryTest.cpp [code]
PocketCoreLibraryTest.h [code]
Psapi.h [code]
Queue.cpp [code]
Queue.h [code]
RequestQueue.cpp [code]
RequestQueue.h [code]
resource.h [code]
SortedCollections.cpp [code]
SortedCollections.h [code]
Specs.cpp [code]
Specs.h [code]
standard.h [code]
sysdep.cpp [code]
sysdep.h [code]
TCPLocation.cpp [code]
TCPLocation.h [code]
TCPReceiver.cpp [code]
TCPReceiver.h [code]
TemporalGroupList.cpp [code]
TemporalGroupList.h [code]
test.cpp [code]
test.h [code]
Timer.cpp [code]
Timer.h [code]
TimerManager.cpp [code]
TimerManager.h [code]
TimeSeries.cpp [code]
TimeSeries.h [code]
types.h [code]
UninstantiatedXMLObject.cpp [code]
UninstantiatedXMLObject.h [code]
utest.cpp [code]
uuid.cpp [code]
uuid.h [code]
uuid_helper.h [code]
uuidlib.cpp [code]
uuidlib.h [code]
wce_time.cpp [code]
wce_time.h [code]
XMLNode.cpp [code]
XMLNode.h [code]
XMLParser.cpp [code]
XMLParser.h [code]

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